Atoll is an artist-run centre devoted to the promotion and dissemination of the visual arts in Quebec’s central region, thus constituting the main access point for contemporary art in the area.

In the face of the growing phenomenon of over-consumption, and wishing to invest its efforts in its immediate surroundings (Victoriaville, often considered the cradle of sustainable development and a pioneer in the field of recycling), Atoll acknowledges the contribution of new technologies to the practice of recycling in art (though no longer a new concept) and plays an active role in recycling practices. Today more than ever, with growing awareness about the need for sustainable economic development, the notion of reusing and recycling materials in art has profound political resonance.

Atoll actively encourages research in this dynamic domain and promotes the work of artists of all disciplines engaged in recycling practices. Serving artists and the community, Atoll operates on a local, national and international scale.

17, rue des Forges
Victoriaville, Québec
G6P 1N5

Opening Hours: 

Wednesday–Saturday, 1 pm–4 pm

Working Language(s): 

Projet artistique Écho : September 30, 2019


Gallery 1: 91.6 m2
Gallery 2: 59.7 m2
Gallery 3: 60.5 m2

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