Eastern Bloc is an artist-run centre dedicated to the research, production and exhibition of art at the intersection of technology, science and the virtual. The vision at Eastern Bloc is to explore and push creative boundaries in the fields of digital art and emerging practices that integrate and engage with new technology, questioning its role in contemporary society. The organization considers itself to be a space for experimenting, learning, theorizing and creating - a place further to develop systems-based, networked, generative and hybrid practices through an artist-led discourse. We aim to provide a platform from which to explore and challenge contemporary digital culture as it relates to larger social, political and economic concerns.

Through its artistic programming, Eastern Bloc actively supports creative exchanges between emerging and established artists in order to provide young artists with greater access to wider audiences and to create opportunities for creative and professional development for artists in the first ten years of their career. Founded in 2007, the centre’s annual programming now includes the festival SIGHT & SOUND, three solo or group exhibits and a variety of special projects and events. Eastern Bloc’s media lab hosts three artists-in-residence each year, and a range of workshops and discussions on a variety of topics, such as DIY electronics, Internet surveillance, open source software, and more.

7240, rue Clark
Montréal, Québec
H2R 2Y3

Opening Hours: 

Office: Monday–Friday, 10 am–5 pm
Gallery: Tuesday–Saturday, 12 pm–5 pm
Lab: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10 am–5 pm
Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am–9 pm

Working Language(s): 

Residencies: coming soon. Check website.


Gallery 1: 150 m2
Gallery 2: 70 m2
Studio 1 – Media lab

Please check the Centre's website for the most current information.