Visual arts

  • 132, rue Racine Est
    Saguenay, QC
    G7H 5B5

    Centre Bang upholds the central role of art and the artist in society by supporting visual and digital art practices by artists from here and abroad. Its production and presentation spaces welcome exhibitions, artist residencies and public events.

    Artistic projects...

  • 372, rue Sainte Catherine Ouest, espace 314
    Montréal, QC
    H3B 1A2

    Active since 1984, Skol is a non-profit artist-run centre that supports experimentation and emerging practices in the visual arts. Skol offers itself to artists and other professionals in the arts milieu (curators, art historians, educators, etc.) as a physical and...

  • 5455, avenue De Gaspé, local 114
    Montréal, QC
    H2T 2A4

    Centre CLARK is a non-profit organization run by a collective of approximately fifty artists and cultural workers. Actively involved in research, production and dissemination, CLARK defines itself as a flexible and versatile forum open to the most progressive forms of...

  • 274, avenue Michaud
    Rimouski, QC
    G5L 6A2

    Caravansérail’s mandate encompasses research, production and dissemination in the visual arts, with a notable focus on promotion and support for emerging artists and practices. Since its creation in Rimouski in 2003, Caravansérail has distinguished itself through its multidisciplinary projects, inspired...

  • 114, rue Bossé
    Saguenay, QC
    G7J 1L5

    Founded in 1993 by the artists of L’Oreille Coupée, Le Lobe is among the first and the few centres devoted to the dissemination of new works created in residence.
    Known for its innovative, daring, hybrid and unclassifiable projects, this...