DARE-DARE supports artistic research and the involvement of artists in emerging practices. This artist-run centre is deeply committed to experimentation, collaboration with various cultural and community organizations, and the diversification of modes for presenting artworks and interventions.

DARE-DARE continues to present its urban articulation project, Dis/location, initiated in 2004. Using the city centre as dissemination context, the centre’s program focuses exclusively on projects staged in the public realm. Accordingly, DARE-DARE moves locations every two to three years, enabling it to explore diverse neighbourhoods rich in questions of social, political and historical importance. DARE-DARE’s headquarters are located in a construction-site trailer.

DARE-DARE’s program comprises two components:
- IN SITU: Interventions in public space (installation, performance, manœuvre, etc.)
- ÉCRITURE PUBLIQUE: Urban poetry/writing on illuminated signs

Casier postal 320, Succursale C
Montréal, Québec
H2L 4K3

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Public space.

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