Malaspina’s mandate is:
- To increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the arts by curating exhibitions and managing a public gallery for the display of contemporary art that pushes the boundaries of, and expands discourse around, print media;
- To promote the development of, and excellence in, print media by renting studio facilities, as well as specialized equipment and tools, to enable artists to practice and produce their work, thereby increasing the affordability of, and accessibility to, resources that are otherwise rare or unavailable;
- To advance education by providing structured learning activities, such as workshops, classes, demonstrations and/or lectures, about print media, and by providing opportunities for students to research and practice their work in conjunction with these learning activities;
-  To promote the practice of print media and maintain high standards in that industry, by developing or providing funds for research, visiting and/or student artist residencies;
-  To advance education in print media by conducting research on best practices related to contemporary art and print media, and by disseminating the results of the research to the public through the form of written publications and/or catalogues.

1555 Duranleau Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6H 3S3

Opening Hours: 

Monday – Friday, 10 am– 5 pm
Saturday and Sunday, 11 am–5 pm
Holidays, 11 am– 5 pm

Working Language(s): 

Gallery 1: 125 m2
Studio 1: 500 m2

Please check the Centre's website for the most current information.